B.3  says, The following officers appointed by the mayor and city council.

Must these officers be appointed by them or can they, under common council law delegate this authority to the city manager by ordinance?

As I read the statute, the operative work is shall, so it seems as though it must be the mayor and city council. I will consult with staff attorneys on Monday to confirm.

Our staff attorney who specializes in cities and counties has confirmed that my original interpretation was correct and the appointments must bemade by the mayor and city council.

01/31/2008  5:42:00 PM

Bill Pupo, By Doug Cook, Special to the Review Tuesday, January 15, 2008 Contact the reporter at

The 54-year-old Pupo, who has spent 31 years in city and/or town management, including stops in Spokane, Wash., and Surprise, Ariz., announced his decision to the CV Town Council during a Thursday night executive session.

Pupo leaves Chino Valley after four years as manager. He started his government career in Spokane,  In March 2000, the Surprise City Council appointed Pupo as its city manager. In June 2003, the Surprise City Council voted against renewing Pupo’s contract and he left for Chino Valley shortly thereafter.

In October, Pupo signed a new annual contract with Chino Valley. He was to earn $139,205 – one of the higher salaries for a town manager in Arizona towns of 10,000 to 49,999 residents.





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