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Mayor Sharon Wolcott city of surprise

After issues with its camera, the city of Surprise no longer offers the option of taking passport photos at City Hall.

Instead, the city encourages those interested in getting a passport have their picture taken at one of the many nearby businesses that offer the service.

Business hours for passports will be from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays.

Applications will be accepted for first-time passport books and passport cards or for passport renewals that are not eligible for renewal by mail. This includes adult, adolescent and child passports.

For information, visit the Department of State website at The website has detailed guidelines, a fee chart, passport forms and other requirements to prepare for your passport submission.

To make an appointment or for questions, contact the City Clerk’s Office at 623-222-1200.

Mayor Sharon Wolcott city of surprise

Political Culture of the Municipality

Many local governments have an established political culture with certain expectations and practices that often determine what is seen as acceptable in local politics. In municipalities with an undeveloped or underdeveloped political culture, accountability and legitimacy is usually low and principles of ethics in government are not established. This can encourage corruption to take hold in the local government because citizens do not know what is considered corrupt, and local officials are not afraid to be corrupt because of the low accountability. In some places the local governments have been corrupt for so long that the citizens think that is how it is supposed to work because that is all they have been exposed to. Long periods of political instability will also lead to corruption in the government because people are unsure of how the government should operate, and thus do not know what practices are corrupt or how to stop them if they are corrupt.

taken from the wikipedia